There are many insurance companies offering car and van insurance but what if you only need the car or van for a short time?

You know those occasions when you need a family member to drive your car for a weekend trip, you might need a larger car or van to collect a bulky purchase from Ebay or you?ve just seen a great car or van and want to take it for an unaccompanied test drive.

You can take out temporary car insurance for between 1 to 28 days which is ample time to cover any short term driving problems. You don?t have to go through the lengthy task of contacting your broker and adjusting your annual insurance policy; you just take out online temporary car insurance cover. This also has the added benefit that should any claim be necessary then this wouldn't affect your annual car insurance policy. This in itself is quite a compelling benefit.

Of course there are restrictions on the driver and the vehicle, but if they meet the requirements, obtaining online temporary car insurance also known as short term car insurance is very straight forward. As soon as 4 simple steps are completed the insurance certificate can be downloaded and ready to use.  Don't get involved in lengthy websites with complicated buying processes. Look for simplicity, 4 simple steps is all that it should take to complete your online application and immediately download the insurance certificate. What could be easier is a marketing arm of Sky Insurance Services Group Ltd who are authorised and regulated by the Financial Services Authority. Copyright 2010 - All rights reserved.
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